New Bucks Logo Falls Just Short

Milwaukee-Bucks-New-LogoThe Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their new logo and as soon as it hit the web the opinions started flying. Like the saying goes Hindsight is… ugh, never mind… Hindsight bias, also known as the I-knew-it-all-along effect, is an easy, even cowardly position to take if you have no professional experience in the matter that had occurred.

So how hypocritical am I to be writing and showing a modification of the logo that is less than a week old? I know, shameful.. But I had to – and this is my profession. At first I did not like the design, I was blinded by 2 things:


1. The Antlers on the new logo are WAY TOO TALL! These antlers are Elk antlers – and any Wisconsinite will tell you is just plain wrong.
2. The stand alone “M” logo is awkward at best. I did like how the “M” was incorporated in the primary logo, as the article link below will explain – but on it’s own – it is a weird cowboy chaps, 70’s bell bottom, awkward “M”.

There are some great aspects to the logo though – did you notice the interior antlers are in the shape of a basketball? The Outer antlers are a carry over from the old logo, I like that they did this – but they executed it badly. I like the custom font they made and the color scheme is good and has no purple. All in all I am warming up to the logo and I think others will too.

Note that as with any project this big, 100’s and 100’s of sketches, drawings and comps are done and contemplated on for hours. It is very realistic that the Bucks management made a bad choice. We’ll never know – but there is a rare article by Paul Lukas that explains the design process somewhat on ESPN.

But I can’t get past the Antlers and “M”, so I decided to show how the “M” and the antlers could have been crafted with more feeling and life to them.

Milwaukee-Bucks-Logo-DE-ReviseIn my modification – I brought the height way down from Red Stag or Elk height to typical Whitetail deer height. That reduction in height also made the antlers thicker. Any whitetail expert will tell you that mass is desired and shows power.

Next I gave the deer some upper brows, while this not an accurate portrayal of a deer, neither are the white eyes, but this is a logo for a sports team – it needs to look aggressive, so we’ll take creative license.

Now, that chest/“M” is revamped, a deer with this much antler will have a thick bulging neck. This will also give the “M” some shape. The white patch on whitetail deer is more circular. The serif’s on my “M” accentuate that some more. The designers incorporate the “M” into the primary logo – return the favor and put an element of the primary logo into the stand alone “M”. I bring the ball/inner antlers into the new “M” to give it more life and identification.

NewBucksLogoEasy to do after the fact – I know – but something I just had to show. But maybe the Bucks just missed the rim and net entirely (pun intended). Real whitetail antlers often make a symmetrical hoop facing out. Why not make that a basketball hoop? My take on a logo incorporates that, and I am just daydreaming and having some fun with the Bucks logo. Just one last note, there is no NBA logo that has the strings of the net in it’s logo, not even the Nets!

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