The digital world of social media and websites is constantly shifting. Google changes their algorithm for search criteria every few months for example. The Design Engine will help you navigate through the ever shifting medium to help you maintain a great appearance on the web. Your web site is your digital ground zero – your digital presence should start with your site, but also include a strong social presence. The Design Engine can make sure your entire digital presence is functionally current and great looking. is the digital “base of operations” for the World Champion, Levi Morgan, and the wildly popular Name The Game TV, airing on The Sportsman Channel. The Design Engine partnered with Bast-Durbin Advertising and was charged with the task of building a website that was functional, informative and sponsor friendly. bridges the gap between TV and web content in a way that is attractive to consumers, while showcasing sponsor brands in the most positive light.




HomeSlide5 is the digital showcase for the custom home building and remodeling firm Highland Builders. The site is responsive – working on digital mediums from mobile to desktop devices. The site is also optimized for SEO helping them get leads from searches on the internet. The site features galleries, virtual walk through videos, social links and testimonials. was built to support one of the leading conservation groups in the Midwest, the Midwest Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation. The Design Engine partnered with Bast-Durbin Advertising and was asked to transform their previous web assets into a fresh looking site that helped keep members informed, promoted upcoming fundraising banquets and auctions, and most importantly, highlighted the many ways in which the organization has helped “put more sheep on the mountain.”



TripleMagSiteTripleMag TV

TripleMagTV is a web-based hunting show that revolves around the family – the Fantaskey family, to be exact. This high-energy crew hunts from one end of the country to the other, filming their experiences as a family, along the way. For Triple Mag, The Design Engine partnered with Bast-Durbin Advertising and developed a web-friendly site that was cost effective, but sponsor friendly. It needed to bring the show, itself, front and center, with an immediate episode launch upon landing.




AlyssaFantaskeySiteAlyssa Fantaskey

Alyssa Fantaskey is an up-and-coming country crooner that needed to set herself apart from other young artists trying to break through in the music industry. The Design Engine partnered with Bast-Durbin Advertising and built a site that was user friendly and immediately showcased Alyssa’s musical talents and stage presence. The website features song files, available for sale, and helps fans get to know the artist, as well as, her music.